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  • How much cost Apollo VMS and ERS?
    The Apollo VMS & ERS antenna costs NOK 9,170 ex. VAT Our antenna is used for both tracking and catch report so you only need to install a simple antenna. Included in the price is the cable, backup battery and protective cover. Mounting bracket costs NOK 765 ex. VAT The mounting bracket has been developed to fit the installation of our antenna. You can choose your own solution, but the solution must meet the installation requirements of the equipment. The subscriptions are delivered in four versions: Apollo VMS: 365 Days VMS (Vessel tracking) Price: NOK 449,- per month Apollo 30: 365 Days VMS (Vessel tracking) 30 Days ERS (Catch reporting) Price: NOK 595,- per month Apollo 90: 365 Days VMS (Vessel tracking) 90 Days ERS (Catch reporting) Price: NOK 689,- per month Apollo 365: 365 Days VMS (Vessel tracking) 365 Days ERS (Catch reporting) Price: NOK 889,- per month All prices are excluding VAT. Support is free.
  • Does support cost extra?
    No, there is no additional cost for support.
  • Can I install it myself?
    No. The equipment must be installed by an authorized installer on VMS & ERS You can see an overview of authorized installers here: Fiskeridirektoratet
  • Can I de-activate the tracking when not using the vessel?
    No. Basically it is not allowed to turn off the equipment,but if the vessel goes into storage or a workshop, is it possible to apply to switch off the tracking equipment. If the skipper receives the form in return approved by the Directorate of Fisheries, the tracking equipment can be switched off. You can find the form here: Fiskeridirektoratet
  • Why don't we use GSM/LTE?
    With only one source of communication, we have reduced the chance of problems with switching between the technologies. With satellite you will always have coverage.
  • What happens if I pass 30 days use of ERS messages on Apollo 30?
    If you exceed 30 days with ERS, you will automatically be invoiced for the remaining amount between Apollo 30 and Apollo 90. This amount is 1.128,- NOK ex. VAT.
  • Who to contact if I experience system error?
    Based on the error message you receive in your app you need to contact: Apollo Lofoten +47 400 00 410 E-mail: B; Norwegian FMC +47 55 23 83 36 E-mail: You will be guided to the correct support based on the error message.
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