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Catch report and VMS Tracking

100% Connected at all times

100% Satellite communication



Do you currently have a solution from someone else but wish to change? If so, you're not alone. Do like many others, contact us to arrange a change!


Satellite have a reputation for being expensive. That might also be very true, but if you take a look at our prices you'll see that it's actually not expensive compared to other solutions. For a competitive pricing you'll get all the pros with satellite without any other fees or extras other than the agreed upon price. 


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Vilkår til innbyttekampanje

  • Prisene i kampanjen er gjeldende i 12mnd fra aktiveringsdato.

  • Bestilling av systemløsning med abonnement før 1.Juni.2024.

  • Bytte av annet VMS/ERS utstyr over til Apollo system.

  • Fast månedspris til sluttbruker (Ingen skjulte kostnader)

Ta kontakt med oss eller en av våre forhandlere, bestill i dag og monter senere. Du betaler ikke abonnementet før du begynner å bruke det.

100 % Connected with Iridium satellite

One of the requirements for VMS tracking for the Norwegian fishing fleet is that the EMTU must send a message every 10 minutes, with information about the vessel's position. This is automated with our transceiver, via the Iridium satellite network.


As an Iridium VAD (Value Added Developer) We'll make sure this prosess is done as rapid and cost effective as possible. By utilizing the Iridium satellite network for VMS tracking, the fishing fleet will be connected at all times. This will also benefit vessels outside Norwegian waters as Iridium's constellation cover the entire planet.

Installation of Catch report and VMS

Our unit for sending catch reports and VMS messages is small and easy to install. The unit only need to be connected to a 12/24V power source. With the built in BLE module you can connect to the unit wirelessly through an app on a tablet or a smartphone for sending of catch reports. For larger vessels we've also added support for a wired keypad.


Our unit offer GPS tracking in realtime and will at all times report the vessel position in accordance with your local requirements.


Our technology

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