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About Apollo Lofoten

Apollo Lofoten AS was founded in 1997 by Boy Angelsen from Kabelvåg. Boy got in touch with QMI in Drammen in regards to engine oil and batteries. Apollo Lofoten AS, was a distributor, and delivered to many fishing vessels and resellers all over Norway.


Our history

Over several years Apollo Lofoten AS has been working on innovating solutions for the fisherman. This because of the founder of Apollo Lofoten AS, Boy Angelsen was an active fisherman with hes own vessels for about 50 years up to the end of 2023. We have been cooperating with SGM-Tech due to development of a cooling system for storing fish in small vessels. SGM-Tech is specialized in communication solutions towards seismic industries, coast guard and more.


Based on this, we could benefit from a cooperation based on the new regulation from the Norwegian government regarding ERS and VMS. Using SGM-Tech cutting-edge expertise  within data compression and communication it was easy to see the benefit to cooperate with SGM-Tech, who is an Iridium development partner, to deliver VMS and ERS messages based on a 100% Iridium satellite coverage to competitive prices.

Based on this we have developed the product named Apollo Lofoten that ensure you as a user, to be Iridium connected at any time.

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