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Apollo 30

All prices ex. VAT

Iridium connected-apollo30

365 Days of VMS

30 Days of ERS

7.140,- NOK /Year

Apollo 30:

If you exceed 30 days of fishing, you will automaticly be transfered to the Apollo180 subscription.

No hidden costs

Iridium connected (logo)

Apollo 90

365 Days of VMS

180 Days of ERS

8.268,- NOK /Year

All prices ex. VAT

Apollo 180:

If you exceed 180 dager of fishing, you will automaticly be transfered to the Apollo365 subscription.

100% Iridium

iridium connected-apollo365

Apollo 365

365 Days of ERS

889,- /month

10.668,- NOK /Year

All prices ex. VAT

365 Days of VMS

Apollo 365:

The price includes unlimited use of VMS & ERS messages whole year.

24/7 Support

Iridium connected (logo)

Apollo VMS

365 Days of VMS

5.388,- NOK /Year

All prices ex. VAT

Apollo VMS:

Price includes only tracking. Satellite only, no post-invoicing for satellite use.

Apollo SAT-01


765,- /month

All prices ex. VAT

Apollo bracket (Optional):

This bracket is designd to install our antenna. You may use your own solution, but the antenna must be installed according to the laws and regulations.

Apollo VMS&ERS

Apollo SAT-01

EMTU - unit


Installation costs comes extra.

All prices ex. VAT

Apollo antenna:

The price includes cabel, backup battery og protection cover.

Bracket comes extra.

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